The Power of Humility

Humility, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means, having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance.’ However, this is not what is being referred to when speaking about the power of humility.

Being humble means to put aside everything that you think know, so that you can grow. There are times when clients struggle to accept what I tell them during their sessions. They experience ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ which means having opposing beliefs, thoughts or attitudes that result in feelings of discomfort.

Just this past week, I explained to a friend of mine why she attracted an experience based on her belief system and she struggled to accept it. However, this is where the power of humility would support her in a growth. This does not mean that anyone should follow what I say blindly, there’s research and evidence that supports me. Humility allows you to put aside your ego and arrogance and allows you to adopt healthy scepticism.

This is especially important when doing shadow work and accepting the nature of reality.

How to adopt the Power of Humility:

Ask yourself the following questions when facing Cognitive Dissonance:

  1. Why do I find this difficult to accept?
  2. Am I stopping my own growth because it is difficult to accept?
  3. Which belief is empowering?
  4. Why do I feel that the old belief is correct?
  5. Where did my old belief originate from?
  6. Are these my own thoughts or have I adopted it because of Society, my family or community?

You’ll be surprised to find out how that most of your thoughts are not your own and is in fact a construct of someone else’s ideas that you merely bought into without question. Humility doesn’t mean that you’re not intelligent. It gives you an opportunity to surrender your ideals for just a moment to entertain and possibly embody a new thought.

In order for any person to experience personal growth, you must have the willingness to relinquish your old beliefs. That is what enlightenment is really about, unlearning everything that you think is true about the world and being willing to see things as they actually are. An unhealthy arrogant attitude is not a vice because it is an idea that society or religion has bought into and tells us wrong. It is because it stops free thinking and retards growth.

So next time your beliefs are being challenged, ask yourself the question ‘Is it more important for me to be ‘right’ or is it more important for me to grow from this?’ Only you can make this choice.



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